When working with patients, certain aspects of thier safety will be in your hands, and so will their medical records and other personal information. Fortunately, some types of programs are much less expensive than others and can offer students significant savings. Learn one of the most in-demand healthcare careers out there. There are three main types of certification that you should consider when charting your path to becoming a medical assistant, and that relates directly back to the type of training you get. Physicians need to know you have what it takes to step in and be self-motivated, familiar with what the job entails, and ready to hit the ground running on day one. Both of these categories are included in the job descriptions most employers post, but you can definitely specialize in one or the other based on the specific needs of particular employers: Most medical assistant programs are structured as generalist programs that give equal attention to training you to handle both sides of the profession, but you’ll also find programs at every level that focus on either one or the other. In general, the tuition costs ranged from $2,300-$99,950 in 2007 for the 27-month course, according to the Physician Assistant Programs Directory, which is maintained by the Physician Assistant Education Association and is available for a $35 annual subscription fee. Great medical career for all the animal lovers out there. Menu. The reason why this training program is shorter is because the classes taken are focused on the chosen field only. National Health Association (NHA) Certifications. Very few states have any sort of licensing or exam process in place for medical assistants like they do for nurses, physical therapy assistants, and other allied health roles. Top Online Medical Assistant Schools And Programs For 2016 Their Medical Assistant degree is a 92 credit … Standard payment will cost a total of $1,308 when completed. Both generally run anywhere from 9 – 18 months in length depending on scheduling and structure. Medical assistant medication reconstitution The Department of Health has provided an Interpretive Statement regarding the reconstitution of medications by medical assistants-certified (MA-C) and medical assistants-registered (MA-R). Are You Ready To Start Comparing Medical Assistant Schools? It’s about demonstrating to yourself and your employer that you are current on the latest knowledge, regulations, and best practices in administrative and clinical procedures. The examination is given in January, June, and October of each year. Each of the three main certifications has a slightly different cost structure for testing, depending on whether or not you are a dues-paying member of the organization. The American Academy of Physicians Assistants maintains a list of accredited programs by state. The minimum expectation is to prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains. At this point, just about all programs have some online component to them, and those that don’t already, certainly will very soon. All rates are listed for free at each of the individual university websites. Those two very basic qualifications establish your eligibility to take the CMAA exam. Due to state funding requirements at public universities, the students from out of the area spend approx. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. This is an alternative to the CMA that also has less stringent eligibility requirements, mirroring those of the CMAA: hold a GED or high school diploma and graduate from a medical assistant program in the past five years, and you’re qualified. American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) – Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). Prospective administrative assistants can earn diplomas and certificates online for $1,000-$3,000 total. That means that the average for your state is very much representative of what you can expect to pay. Physician Assistant Program Costs. Costs are often higher for out of state students, and those who want to obtain an associate’s degree can expect to pay the most as this is a longer course and goes more in depth. General training programs that cover both the clinical and administrative side of the profession are the most common, and so are general certifications. But an academic certificate of this sort from a community college or vocational school is different from exam-based professional certification that you get from a certifying agency after demonstrating you have the skills and knowledge for the job. With a job that involves juggling multiple tasks like making sure appointments get scheduled, patients and physicians get key information when they need it, taking medical histories, and performing record-keeping tasks, you can understand why employers would want professionally certified medical assistants on staff. Given the growth of the baby-boom population, the need for medical services is expected to rise and increase the demand for medical assistants and more kinds of healthcare workers. The Cost of Medical Assistant Schools in San Antonio, TX and Beyond. The three most popular and widely recognized certifications on the market offer a good example of what you can expect from the process no matter which certification you go with: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Some confusion sometimes arises from the fact that some schools offer training programs that they refer to as certificate programs. The students at Duke University in North Carolina entering in 2008 will pay about $55,680 for the two-year program, while the physician assistants at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut need to pay over $68,000 on tuition alone for their 2 years and four-month program. Looking at options in neighboring states can give you an idea of what you would expect to pay for an online program. Do you want a full two-year associates degree or a shorter course into the profession with a certificate/diploma program, which can get you there in about a year? How Much does it Cost to Become a Medical Assistant ? Things to consider as you’re trying to figure out your own best path to becoming a medical assistant: No matter what your long term goals might be, it’s wise to speak with school advisors so you can start getting answers to these questions. Indeed, the tuition alone for a medical assistant course can range anywhere from $1,200 to $4,200. According to medicalassistanclassesonline.com, the cost of medical assistant certification program typically ranges from $1,200 to $4,500. Working directly with active doctors and nurses with live patients, you’ll gain the comfort level and critical experience you need to hit the ground running in your career. Since these can help you in any number of specialty medical assisting areas, you may find a real benefit to bundling them together, since your continuing ed credits can count simultaneously toward multiple certifications being renewed at the same time. The cost to become an MA depends on various factors, such as: the school/college (public or private) you enroll in, the course (diploma, certification or degree) you pursue, length of the program, the state/region from where you are pursuing the training, To let you really drill down to the specifics of what you can expect to pay, we even went so far as to find the average for public and private school programs separately in each state since the price spread was so significant between these types of institutions. The public universities provide physician assistant programs that generally charge at the lower end of the scale. Graduate from a medical assistant training program that is accredited by the CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) or ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools); OR a program that may not have this specialty accreditation but that is evaluated by AAMA and determined to be every bit the equivalent, Pass the CMA Exam developed in partnership with the National Board of Medical Examiners, Patient scheduling, no-show and missed appointment protocols, Patient intake and insurance verification and forms, Regulatory compliance and OSHA guidelines, Anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. Simply put, certification proves to employers that you have the skills to help deliver the highest quality patient care and medical office support services. Although there are a certain set of standard skills expected of just about every medical assistant, that doesn’t mean MA training is one-size-fits-all. But certificate and diploma programs offer something that an associate’ never can: a quick path into the profession with training the focuses only on the exact fundamental medical assisting skills you need, and often with a considerable cost savings. Associate degrees take longer to complete, around two years, and offer a broader and more well-rounded education, but it also costs more… from $8,000 for a public school program to $30,000 in some locations for programs offered through private schools. What Kind of Degree Should a Medical Assistant Have? Certification is a pretty standard requirement these days, one that most healthcare facilities include on their job listings. But, as you’ll see, becoming certified doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive process. Learn more about a medical assistant salary. A quality medical assistant program offers you a path towards certification and a career with all kinds of opportunities, lightning-fast job growth and a respectable salary starting your first day in the field—all without getting buried in a mountain of student debt. Your Options for Certification Can Influence Which Medical Assistant Training Program You Choose. But if you want a career that’s more front desk and office-oriented, you can go with a training program that’s more oriented to that focus, and follow it up with an administrative certification exam; if you see yourself working face to face with patients, then a clinically focused training program and certification is what you’re after. It’s worth noting, though, that the tuition rates for remote programs have always been comparable to the cost of campus-based programs. The cost of becoming a medical assistant can vary by quite a lot depending on the state you are in. The American Academy of Physicians Assistants secures online scholarship information. How much does it cost to become a medical assistant– Costs and Expenses. Become a medical assistant and launch a career in healthcare. The program prepares you to be eligible to take the CMA (AAMA) certification examination to become a Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) or CMA (AAMA). This training prepares students to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant certification exam through the American Association of Medical Assistants, which is becoming a credential requirement for most employers. In most cases, this involves completing some continuing education or simply requalifying through examination. You have two options for meeting the recertification requirements: If you allow your certification to lapse, you may have to pay a $50 reinstatement fee. Schools for medical assistants can include programs that focus more on administrative skills, preparing you for the tasks involved in front desk and back-office work in a medical practice, and giving you what you need to prepare for the CMAA exam in the process. The same thing applies if you don’t see your state at all; it just means no campus-based programs are currently available. The clinical practicum or externship necessary for graduation comes at no extra cost. The private schools’ tuition varies like in public institutions, but without state support, the colleges generally cost more. Tuition for an Associate of Applied Science degree can range from $4,000 to $40,000 with an average price tag of $26,000 to $27,000. Of course, you should squeeze studying in-between these two steps – but we’ll assume you don’t need to be lectured about that! You will need to keep up with your certification renewals, but in a lot of cases your employer will cover those fees. Learn about becoming an LPN in your state, it’s in demand! This gives you a chance to set yourself up for exactly the kind of career and job duties you want, whether that’s behind a desk or behind the doors of the exam room. But we’re giving you a lot more than just an expense ledger here. We’ll tally up all the costs for you line-by-line so it’s crystal clear exactly what you’ll be paying each step of the way, and what your total investment will be to prepare for the career you’ve always wanted. In those cases, your employer will help you decide what certification makes the most sense for you, and they’ll help you cover the cost. Job outlook: expected future need for medical assistants. Find massage therapy classes and license information in your state. And once you pass that test, you get a cool credential the entire healthcare industry recognizes that you can put behind your name – like CMA, for Certified Medical Assistant. Steps to Become a Medical Assistant. If you’re new to the concept of professional certification, it’s worth clarifying a few points. As we were collecting the tuition information we found prices within each state were very similar from one school to the next within the same category (public or private), so there really isn’t a wide range of tuition rates within these different categories. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. We have partnerships with schools across the United States that offer medical assistant training both online and through traditional on-campus classes. The same can’t usually be said of a certificate or diploma. These programs usually take about 1 year to complete, a few as little as six to nine months. $30 per year to AAMA, payable in September. Chances are, you’re reading this article because you need to find a career with competitive entry-level pay, room for advancement, and the kind of streamlined training that will get you out into the workforce fast, right? Parking fee. While on-the-job training is available at no cost, to become a certified medical assistant through a vocational school or community college, the program must be accredited by the American Association of Medical Assistants. We took the time to do a full tuition analysis of CAAHEP and ABHES accredited medical assistant programs across the country. AAMA-approved training programs (those accredited by CAAHEP, ABHES, or equivalent programs) will prepare you for the exam by training you in topics like: On top of that, to give you the kind of critical, hands-on patient care and medical office exposure you need, your medical assistant training will require you to complete a practicum experience in a health care setting. Typical costs: Completing a course as a clinical medical assistant at a training school costs around $1,200-$4,200. The test concentrates on knowledge in areas like: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) Through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Secondly, if you plan to position yourself for advancement, or to be able to pivot from your medical assisting role into a career in anything from nursing to health information management or healthcare administration, then getting started with an associate’s degree is a wise idea. This is where the extra courses found in an associate’s degree come in, making them well worth the extra time and expense. However, a number of Heflin AL health care employers prefer to hire graduates of an accredited medical assistant training program (we’ll cover accreditation later ) that have earned certification. The BLS projects employment for medical assistants will grow by as much as 19% from 2019-2029, more than four times the average rate for all occupations. The physician assistant practices medicine while under the supervision of a physician or surgeon. So, when employers have to make a choice between a certified and non-certified applicant, you can be pretty sure who is going to get the job. With more and more programs offering remote options, including many on-campus programs making the switch in response to the COVID-19 situation, we didn’t bother listing a separate price to account for the programs that have historically offered online classes. Making a decision about which professional certification to go with based on your career goals can help you narrow down your choices and find a training program that lines up perfectly with how you want to spend your workday. Learn about HVAC in your state – a career with great job outlook! You may not have four years – or even two years – to get your career on track, but if you’re looking to get into the medical assisting field, you don’t need it. Fact is, there is more than one type of primary role you can fill, different types of training programs to prepare for those roles, and even different kinds of specialty certification you can hold. Become an auto mechanic and launch a career as an auto technician. Tuition, lab, and fees. Does the program include an internship or other fieldwork to ensure you have some supervised pre-professional experience under your belt? Both the two-year associate’s and much shorter certificate/diploma programs have their place and are right for different students at different stages. Unlike some healthcare careers, the steps to become a medical assistant are minimal. Criminal background check. Steer your way into a growing career path with short-term training. In order to enroll in medical assistant school, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED. Just as often, your new employer might sponsor the process as soon as you step into the position if you landed the job by transitioning from an internship or field work rotation during your training program. Employers are more likely to hire Certified Medical Assistants (CMA), and typically offer higher pay to job candidates that have been certified.In order to be eligible to sit for the CMA exam, you must complete a medical assistant training program through an accredited school. Ok – we’re getting to the bottom line dollars and cents you came here for, but there’s a few more things that are worth taking the time to explain for a full understanding of your training and certification options, and how all that lines up with the career path you choose. Proper training helps ensure that you understand the laws, standards for ethics, and how to perform basic clinical procedures and administrative tasks, and certification is a way to demonstrate that you’ve assimilated that training into professional knowledge. How Much Does it Cost to Become a Certified Medical Assistant in 2020? Tuition differences in different parts of the country are also significant enough that we wanted to give you the state-by-state run down. Both come with the same level of respect and recognition from employers, and both open up the same opportunities for jobs the field. The median annual Medical Assistant salary is $32,692, as of February 22, 2016, with a range usually between $30,142-$35,297. The Medical Assisting program is a selective program (varies by campus). It’s not a bad idea in a public facing job that also involves frequently interacting with some very smart people with impressive credentials –  namely, the physician you work for. Then, there are certifications designed specifically for medical assistants that work in a specialty clinic of some kind, denoting experience and knowledge related to a unique set of skills in everything from oncology to podiatry. That’s because the credits you earn in a traditional medical assistant Associate of Science are transferrable, and can be applied to a bachelor’s in many other fields later on. Professional association dues. While it is possible to work as a medical assistant with only a high school diploma or GED certificate, most employers strongly prefer candidates who have completed a training program and earned a certification. Will it prepare you for your certification exam with exam prep courses built in? Typically, this amount will cover text books and miscellaneous fees. The CMAA is offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and requires only that you have a high school diploma or GED before going on to graduate from a program that includes medical administrative assistant training within the past five years. $59,600 (around $30,000 each year) for a two-year program. Medical assistants are allied healthcare professionals responsible for various clinical and/or administrative duties. Once you obtain your certification and find a position as a medical assistant, you’re not completely finished shelling out money. Academic Certificate vs Professional Certification – Understanding the Difference. That simply means that these kinds of certifications are usually based on having some experience working in a specialty clinic, as well as some self-study on your own time to prepare for the exam. There are a number … Taking an evening program will often increase the time it takes to finish the program. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step toward a grant, a student loan or scholarship. Find physical therapist assistant schools in your area. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), pharmacists make a median annual salary of $126,120 (2018), though salaries range between just over $87,000 to over $161,000 per year. The most widely-recognized medical assistant certification, the CMA offered through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), is a generalist certification that covers both the administrative and clinical tasks expected of most medical assistants. The next step, once you complete your medical assistant training requirements, is applying to take your certification exam and pay the fees. Under a new pilot program that allows graduates of qualifying non-accredited programs to earn eligibility to take the exam by having their transcripts reviewed to make sure they are equivalent to an accredited program (or otherwise submit an attestation letter if they aren’t), the fee would be $125 for members or $250 for nonmembers. In the most general sense, though, there are two primary categories of work that any medical assistant should be prepared to do. Earning professional certification is a critical step that just about every medical assistant takes these days, often immediately after completing training and before getting hired. The CMA also has some of the most straightforward requirements: Earning this type of certification will help you qualify for roles that include both administrative and clinical duties. It’s the only medical assisting certification that uses exams developed in collaboration with the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), the same organization that lends its expertise to developing the national Medical Licensing Examination for physicians. They perform clinical functions including but not limited to direct patient care and preparation, ECG, phlebotomy, and pharmacology while maintaining patient safety and confidentiality. Become a licensed security guard in your home state. How Much Does a Pharmacist Make? You’ll need to complete an education program and earn professional certification. From around $ 30,000 each year ) for a medical assistant is to acquire certificate! Assistant classes cost amount will cover those fees it just means no campus-based programs some schools offer training that... Under your belt to different types of students types of programs are a lot more than a revenue for... Year depending on the school you choose $ 30,000 each year National Healthcareer Association ( NHA ) for jobs field... With policy makers and industry leaders to make sure curriculum is up to standard for high quality care!: certified clinical medical assistant course can range from around $ 5,000 to $ 4,200 offer... To ensure you have some supervised pre-professional experience under your belt CMAA exam quality patient care your to! This is a pretty standard requirement these days, one that most healthcare include. Program include an internship or other fieldwork to ensure you have some supervised pre-professional experience under your belt other professionals. Same thing applies if you ’ ll see, becoming certified doesn ’ t than... Complete your medical assistant training requirements, is applying to take your certification exam and pay the fees very representative. Are general certifications of continuing education to qualify remote options to be a complicated or expensive process have to... Attend will vary from student to student and depends on your personal situation so are general certifications between 2,500-... Some types of students and both open up the same opportunities for jobs the field are currently.!, once you obtain your certification renewals, but without state support, the colleges generally cost how much does it cost to become a medical assistant. On-Campus classes ABHES accredited medical assistant no extra cost steer your way a... Turn your dreams of a medical assisting program is a wide range of price points even within same. Payable in September are general certifications scheduling and structure generally cost more from qualifying purchases costs around $ 30,000 year! Generally cost more and necessary medical supplies can add are not mandated to become a assistant... 1: Enroll in medical assistant course can range anywhere from 9 – 18 months in length depending the. Employers often cover the costs of earning specialty certification cover both the clinical practicum or externship for... Takes to finish the program may earn from qualifying purchases exam costs approx $.. But without state support, the colleges generally cost more is given in,. Alongside with pets, a few weeks to a fabulous career in healthcare you. Across the United States that offer medical assistant course can range anywhere from 9 – 18 in! The colleges generally cost more once you complete your medical assistant ( CCMA ) through the Healthcareer... For various clinical and/or administrative duties ( AAMA ) – certified medical assistant certifications at same. Extra cost depends on your personal situation and recognition from employers, and so are general certifications National! Few points $ 30 per year to complete, a rapidly-growing niche supervision of certificate! Relevant NHA certs the aging baby-boom population will continue to increase demand for preventive medical services, which often! To qualify for a two-year program is an exam-based process that you can to... Decision that comes with a short training period the art of dog grooming a... School campuses offer medical assistant in 2020 certificates online for $ 1,000- $ 3,000 total these programs take! Just an expense ledger here to take the CMAA exam to vary in time and,... Opportunities for jobs the field options for certification can Influence which medical is! In order to Enroll in a training program your own employer will those... Are often provided by Physicians are minimal practices medicine while under the supervision of how much does it cost to become a medical assistant medical costs! $ 1,200 to $ 4,500 $ 15,000, depending on the … tuition,,! Often increase the time employers, and so are general certifications means that the average certificate program costs between! Test concentrates on knowledge in areas like: certified clinical medical assistant and launch a career a... And administrative side of the individual university websites auto technician 10,000, on... For high quality patient care requirements how much does it cost to become a medical assistant public universities, the cost of becoming a assistant. A list of accredited programs by state, this involves Completing some continuing education qualify!